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Christian Carnival XCVIII
Excerpt: Welcome to Christian Carnival XCVIII, the Dog Show edition. I'm your friendly neighborhood dog-wrangler and I have the special privilege of presenting this weeks showcase. You're wondering why a dog theme? Why not a favorite movie, band or TV show? I...
Weblog: Cadmusings
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GOD or NOT 3: Miracles
Excerpt: The third installment of the GOD or NOT carnival, on the topic of "miracles," is now up at The Evangelical Atheist with a link to my post, "Can The New Testament Be Both Influenced By Plato and Inspired by God?". There seems to be a general concensus o...
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GOD or NOT #3: Miracles
Excerpt: This edition features 16 posts about miracles, evenly split between theist and atheist contributors. Prepare for some really excellent reading and more reference to David Hume than you can shake a stick at.
Weblog: The Evangelical Atheist
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Tying Up Some Loose Ends: Greek Musterion in the New Testament
Excerpt: I've been meaning for some time to write a post tying together two topics that I had previously discussed. The items in question are my discussion of translation and transliteration and my suggestion in this post that Pagan religion might have had an i...
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