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Christian Carnival CXX
Excerpt: Christian Carnival CXX is up at Daddypundit with a link to my recent post on the Trinity. Check it out....
Tracked: May 6, 2006 3:51 PM
Three Substances, One Property-Instance: A Trinitarian Speculation
Excerpt: I've been using the beginning of my summer to make some progress on some theology books that have been awaiting my attention on my bookshelf. So far, in honor of Pentecost, I read St. Basil On the Holy Spirit, and I am also making some progress through...
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Blog Year 2008 in Review
Excerpt: The year 2008 on this blog saw over 181,000 visits from nearly 55,000 distinct users. This is the third year in review post I have done, and each time I have seen a drop in my statistics.
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