March 6, 2003

Youth Bible Study!

The youth Bible study I have been asked to teach is on for Thursdays at 7:00 PM beginning March 20, 2003 at Palouse Community Chapel (on Church street in Palouse) in the "Berean Room" (upstairs, just behind the sanctuary). I have not yet determined what we will be studying. I would prefer to go with either James or the Sermon on the Mount, but if no one likes these I also have notes ready on Ephesians and I will be finished studying 1 Timothy by the time the bible study starts....
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March 2, 2003

Teen Center News

I'm going to miss the next three weeks of teen center. This Friday I will be up at Ross Point having student leader training for the upcoming Spring Retreat. The following weekend I will be on a Chrysalis, and the weekend after that is the Spring Retreat at Ross Point. This Friday Bobbi and Tim and Courtney will be there (Shelly is going to be gone too). Mark Sawyer will probably be around one of the other weeks, and Shelly should be around for the other two. I'm hoping to find one more person who can fill in. In related...
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March 1, 2003

My New Blog!

I just set up this new weblog here on my web-site. Pretty cool, huh? Now we'll just have to see if I actually write anything in it. I'll probably keep some news in here on the ministry I'm doing and any cool stuff I find in Bible study, and where I get accepted for college and all that kind of stuff. If you don't actually know me then probably only a small percentage of what gets written here will be of any interest to you....
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