April 5, 2003

Disciple Mp3s Removed!

As of about 6:15 PM (Pacific), I have removed the Disciple mp3s from my web-site after receiving an e-mail from their webmaster requesting that the mp3s be removed. I want to say first and foremost that I do absolutely respect the band's right to request that I not distribute their mp3s, provided it is truly the band's request, and not a record label or other similarly large and evil corporation working against their will. Since Disciple is currently unsigned, this is clearly not the case. As of the time of this writing the Disciple's web-site is apparently being redesigned and the archives of the messages they have sent out to their mailing list are not available. However, I do remember that what the message I took to authorize distribution of mp3s actually spoke of is e-mailing them to friends, rather than posting them on web-sites and, additionally, might only have referred to the radio single mp3s the band had released to mp3.com. At any rate, if you still want Disciple mp3s, you can check them out at their mp3.com site.
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