January 21, 2004

GPG Key Up

I posted my GPG (OpenPGP compatible) public key on my contact page today. You should use it if you plan on saying important things to me via e-mail. You should get your own if you want people to be able to say important things to you without announcing them to the world. Go here to get my public key, and more ranting from me about why you should use it. Go here for info on GPG, or here for general info on OpenPGP....
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January 2, 2004

Status Report

The Northwest is covered in massive snow! We measured the snow on the ground in our yard at seven inches this afternoon, and it is supposed to continue to fall for quite a while. I was in the Tri-Cities the last couple of days, and made it back alive. Tons of snow there too. Yesterday (Jan. 1) evening I was driving down I-82 from Richland to Pasco (going less than 35 MPH on the 70 MPH freeway) and hit black ice and spun around in circles and hit the cement dividing wall. Bent up my bumper a bit, knocked off...
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