December 10, 2006

"The Life and Death of Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare

Tonight, my proposal to direct Shakespeare's "The Life and Death of Julius Caesar" was officially approved as the Underground Shakespeare Company's 2007 main fall show. Auditions will be open to all.

Plot Summary: Rome. March 15, 709 AUC (44 BC). After decades of bloody civil war, the Populist Party has seized the city by force and installed its leader, General C. Julius Caesar, as consul for life, effectively giving him absolute power. A group of Constitutionalists led by Senator C. Cassius Longinus (C-Syria) plot the assassination of Caesar and the restoration of the ancestral constitution. They believe their plot can be successful if only they can gain the support of the immensely popular independent, Senator M. Junius Brutus (I-Cisalpine Gaul). However, they have forgotten to account for one factor: the powerful rehtoric of the young upstart Senator M. Antonius (P-Italy). As the Roman mob sways back and forth under the manipulation of the divided senate, Rome descends again into chaos, riots, and, ultimately, civil war.

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