May 23, 2006

AT&T Spying Documents Published

Wired magazine has published a collection of evidence leaked by former AT&T employee Mark Klein thought to have substantial overlap wiith the sealed documents related to the Electronic Frontier Foundation lawsuit (a PDF of the complete file is also available). These documents do not relate directly to the NSA telephone call database (which is bad), but rather show that AT&T has installed 'secret rooms' at several hubs designed to intercept internet communications. This is rather less troubling than the alleged telephone spying, because it's not difficult to intercept unencrypted messages over the internet, but the thought that the government has seen fit to do this on a large scale (and on the scale they are doing it, it is difficult - you have to be someone like AT&T who has hubs a lot of traffic passes through), and AT&T has decided to help is not an entirely comforting thought.

(HT: Slashdot)

Posted by Kenny at May 23, 2006 5:25 PM
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