January 6, 2012

This Post is Old!

The post you are reading is years old and may not represent my current views. I started blogging around the time I first began to study philosophy, age 17. In my view, the point of philosophy is to expose our beliefs to rational scrutiny so we can revise them and get better beliefs that are more likely to be true. That's what I've been up to all these years, and this blog has been part of that process. For my latest thoughts, please see the front page.

Blog Year 2011 in Review

Welcome to 2012! This is my annual review of this blog's activity.

The year 2011 saw over 184,000 visits from more than 60,000 distinct users. This is a very significant increase from 2010.

I have been very busy in my academic work this year, with the result that there were only 51 posts this year, down from 80 in 2010 and 79 in 2009. This makes for a whopping 3,617 average visits per post! My previous high for this statistic was 2008's 2,623; 2009 and 2010 were both under 2,000.

Most Popular Posts

  1. March 22, 2009: Kant's Argument for Monogamy. Want to drive hits to your web-site? The answer is simple: just use the word 'sex' as often as possible. This post was number 4 in 2010.
  2. September 22, 2009: Philosophical Science-Fiction Stories: A Preliminary List. This post probably got the most outside linkage of any in the history of this blog. It was number 3 in 2010 and number 1 in 2009.
  3. March 15, 2008: Berkeley's Theory of Reference and Critique of Matter. This post was number 6 in 2010.
  4. June 30, 2006: Berkeley's Taxonomy of Ideas. This is this post's first appearance in the top 10.
  5. August 16, 2006: Inerrancy of the Autographs: Does it Matter? Another first-timer. I fear this post is probably much too technical for most people googling for information about Biblical inerrancy.
  6. November 7, 2007: Transubstantiation vs. Real Presence. Also a first-timer. I'm beginning to sense a trend.
  7. February 19, 2009: The Problem of Sex in Kant's Ethics. See number 1. This post was also number 7 in 2010.
  8. June 28, 2007: GUEST BLOG: Philosophical Implications of Wave-Particle Duality: Part 1. From Lauren's brief foray into blogging. This post has not been in the top 10 before, though part 2 ranked seventh in 2008.
  9. July 18, 2006: Why Believe the Bible? Part 3: Jesus' Witness to the Hebrew Bible. This is also this post's first appearance in the top 10.
  10. February 24, 2007: Foreknowledge, Free Will, and the Grandfather Paradox. Also appearing for the first time.

I'm quite pleased with the continued increase in the number of philosophically substantive posts in the top 10.

Most Common Searches

  1. 1 corinthians 11 10. The reference is to this post, which is currently fifth on Google. It was the 9th most common search in 2008, and was the 8th Google result at that time.
  2. kenny pearce. This blog still comes up first on Google searches for my name.
  3. translation vs transliteration. This post is still on the first page of Google results for this search, and has been for years. It is, however, no longer the first result.
  4. translation and transliteration. For this variant of the search I am the second result.
  5. transliteration and translation. Also second here.
  6. cotton patch bible. This short post ranks 6th. The work in question is available here.
  7. what is composition. I have a post by that title, but it's not currently in the first few pages on Google. It's probably not what people are looking for anyway!
  8. talent etymology. The reference is to this post, which is currently second on Google.
  9. i corinthians 11:10. For this variant on number 1, I rank second.
  10. translation & transliteration. I am also second for this variant on number 3.

Top Referrers

Referrer spam continues to increase. In fact, the spam is so bad that I wasn't able to find ten real referrers in the statistics. Here are the top 8 real referrers, as near as I can tell.
  1. Leiter Reports is still driving tons of traffic to all Philosophers' Carnival hosts.
  2. The Prosblogion. No surprise here.
  3. Siris.
  4. Philosophers' Carnival 119, at The Philosopher's Beard.
  5. Horseless Telegraph.
  6. Philosophy of Brains. I can't currently find any link to me on this site, but since it's a real philosophy blog, I assume it's a real referrer.
  7. 50 Best Philosophy Blogs. This site strikes me as a little sketchy, but they do have a real link to me, and apparently are driving a mdoerate amount of traffice. They rank me 33rd, by the way.
  8. Appeared-to-Blogly. I've never heard of this blog before, but I am definitely going to have to start reading it because of its awesome name.
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