July 18, 2006

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No Manslaughter Charges Filed in Jean Charles de Menezes Case

An official press release from the UK's Independent Police Complaints Commission announced yesterday that, following an investigation of the brutal execution without trial of innocent Tube passenger Jean Charles de Menezes, the London Police Commissioner will face charges of "failing to provide for the health, safety and welfare" of Mr. Menezes under the "Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974." There will be no murder or manslaughter charges, as the IPCC concluded "that there is insufficient evidence to bring prosecution against any individual officer" in relation with the incident.

This is positively absurd. A group of police officers grabbed an innocent man sitting on the subway (a man who allegedly resembled a suspected terrorist) and shot him eight times in the head and the Police Commissioner failed to provide for his health, safety and welfare?! Makes it sound so passive, like they didn't manage to stop that brick from falling on his head or something. The man was murdered!

"Disciplinary action" (not criminal charges) against the officers involved, "will be considered in due course." I doubt if "disciplinary action" can involve more than firing them, and, somehow, I just don't really think that's sufficient.

(HT: Homeland Stupidity)

Posted by Kenny at July 18, 2006 7:16 PM
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