March 14, 2011

This Post is Old!

The post you are reading is years old and may not represent my current views. I started blogging around the time I first began to study philosophy, age 17. In my view, the point of philosophy is to expose our beliefs to rational scrutiny so we can revise them and get better beliefs that are more likely to be true. That's what I've been up to all these years, and this blog has been part of that process. For my latest thoughts, please see the front page.

Philosophers' Carnival 122

The 122nd Philosophers' Carnival is now up at Icthus77, with a link to my post on bad footnotes. Also of interest this time is Michael Billy's post, "Is 'piracy' theft?". I am in broad agreement with Billy on this one, though I don't have time to lay out my thoughts in detail right now, but let me simply say that the distinction between piracy properly so-called, theft properly so-called, and copyright infringement is, to my mind, a very important one because it is my view that property is a natural right, whereas copyright and patent are only statutory rights. This is not to say that copyright infringement is not wrong; I think that, in general, it is. It is rather to say that the reason why copyright infringement is wrong is that we have a duty to obey the government, whereas the reason why genuine theft and piracy are wrong is that they violate the natural rights of others. As a result, it is my view that there could be circumstances that justify copyright/patent infringement (though, in my opinion, most of us do not frequently find ourselves in such circumstances), but there could not be circumstances which justified theft/piracy.

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