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Translation vs. Transliteration
Excerpt: Kenny Pearce has an interesting and informative post about true translation vs. transliteration in Bible translation.
Weblog: Better Bibles Blog
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"Talents" in Matthew 25
Excerpt: Peter Kirk has a post on Better Bibles Blog concerning the TNIV's decision to render the Greek word talanton as "bag of gold," instead of the traditional "talent." This is another translation vs. transliteration issue, so let's go back to the Oxford En...
Tracked: December 6, 2005 7:38 PM
The Holman Christian Standard Bible
Excerpt: I am considering switching my primary Bible translation. For some time, I have been using the New King James Version, which I favor for its formal equivalence translation philosophy and its English style. However, I am increasingly reevaluating my opin...
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Tying Up Some Loose Ends: Greek Musterion in the New Testament
Excerpt: I've been meaning for some time to write a post tying together two topics that I had previously discussed. The items in question are my discussion of translation and transliteration and my suggestion in this post that Pagan religion might have had an i...
Tracked: January 14, 2006 5:51 PM
'Third Language' Idioms and the Goal of Translation
Excerpt: Wayne Leman is blogging on translation of Luke 1:34. He notes here that the ESV departs from strictly literal translation here and is more accurate as a result. What I find interesting in his note is that the idiom in the Greek of this verse is importe...
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Blog Year 2011 in Review
Excerpt: Welcome to 2012! This is my annual review of this blog's activity. The year 2011 saw over 184,000 visits from more than 60,000 distinct users. This is a very significant increase from 2010. I have been very busy in my academic work this year, with the ...
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Blog Year 2008 in Review
Excerpt: The year 2008 on this blog saw over 181,000 visits from nearly 55,000 distinct users. This is the third year in review post I have done, and each time I have seen a drop in my statistics.
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Blog Year 2012 in Review
Excerpt: It is now, believe it or not, 2013, and time for my annual review of this blog's activity. Posting has been quite light here for the last few months. The reason is that I spent the fall semester teaching at Pepperdine. I actually thought, going into it...
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