April 29, 2006

Canadian Recording Artists Oppose Suing Fans, DRM

The founding of the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, a group representing several Canadian bands and recording artists, was announced last Wednesday in response to World Intellectual Property Day. The group, representing some of the most prominent Canadian recording artists, including the Barenaked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, and Sarah McLachlan, was formed in response to the fact that the intellectual property debate has thus far been controlled by recording industry mega-corps who do not have the artists' interests in mind. Contrary to the claims of said mega-corps, CMCC asserts the following:

  1. "Suing Our Fans is Destructive and Hypocritical"

  2. "Digital Locks [i.e. DRM] are Risky and Counterproductive"

  3. "Cultural Policy Should Support Actual Canadian Artists"

Now, you know I'm not in favor of governments having 'cultural policies' (whatever that means), but hurray for artists actual recognizing what is in their best interest and speaking up! The record labels' day has come: if artists realize what technology can do for them, they will realize that they don't even need record labels at all. Then the record labels will be forced to provide new and different services that are actually useful to artists, and stop pushing them around.

(HT: EFF Newsletter)

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