January 3, 2014

This Post is Old!

The post you are reading is years old and may not represent my current views. I started blogging around the time I first began to study philosophy, age 17. In my view, the point of philosophy is to expose our beliefs to rational scrutiny so we can revise them and get better beliefs that are more likely to be true. That's what I've been up to all these years, and this blog has been part of that process. For my latest thoughts, please see the front page.

Blog Year 2013 in Review

The year 2013 saw about 425,000 visits from nearly 140,000 distinct users. This is by far the most activity I have seen in the 10 years (!) I have been writing on this blog. (I failed to mark the tenth anniversary of my first post, but this happened on March 1 of this year.) This increase came despite my writing only 33 posts this year, up from 30 in 2012, but way down from the 50+ posts I wrote in most previous years. This means that I received nearly 13,000 visits per post, compared to my previous record of 4,200!

This year I am not listing top referrers because there is too much spam to get a good idea of where the real users are coming from. (I do fear that some of the increase in visits may be due to bots as well, especially since China is now the country from which my blog is most visited!) I am also not listing top search terms because there are too many people getting here accidentally when I am clearly not what they are looking for. I will, however, list the top posts of the year, along with some of the most interesting search terms, in order of popularity.

Most Popular Posts

  1. May 20, 2013: Omnipotence and the Delimiter of Possibilities View.
  2. January 29, 2013: A Theistic Argument for Compatibilism.
  3. April 12, 2013: Does Religious Experience Have an Expiration Date?
  4. February 28, 2013: Berkeley, Analogy, Matter, and God.
  5. March 23, 2013: Quote of the Day: Enns on Religious Fear of Evolution
  6. June 19, 2013: "Infinite Power and Finite Powers".
  7. June 18, 2013: Quote of the Day: D. Z. Phillips on the Christian 'Image'.
  8. June 25, 2013: Vision:Touch::Written Words:Spoken Words?.
  9. March 9, 2013: Philosophers' Carnival 149.
  10. November 30, 2012: Divine Power, Alternate Possibilities, and Necessary Frankfurt Cases.

Significantly, for the first time since I have been tracking such things, all of the top ten posts are recent. Indeed, all but number 10 are from 2013, and number 10 was my very last post of 2012. This suggests that people either actually following the blog, or coming from the blogs where I cross-post, or coming in on the front page, now outnumber those coming in to particular posts on random Google searches.

Selected Search Terms

Here are a few places I was interested to see myself popping up on Google. Number of searches in parentheses.
  1. soteriological inclusivism (24). This 2010 post is the top Google result.
  2. explanatory principle (7). This 2010 post, from my series on Sobel's Logic and Theism is the second Google result.
  3. Kant's sex problem (6). This 2009 post is the second Google result. It is also the top of the second page for Kant sexuality, which likewise generated 6 hits.
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