July 31, 2005

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The post you are reading is years old and may not represent my current views. I started blogging around the time I first began to study philosophy, age 17. In my view, the point of philosophy is to expose our beliefs to rational scrutiny so we can revise them and get better beliefs that are more likely to be true. That's what I've been up to all these years, and this blog has been part of that process. For my latest thoughts, please see the front page.

Five Years Later, Kenyan City Councilman Still Left in Suspense

From Philadelphia's own NBC 10, via WorldMag Blog: A Nairobi (yes, the one in Kenya) city councilman told a local newspaper today that five years ago he wrote to former president Bill Clinton, offering a dowry of 40 goats and 20 cows for the hand of Clinton's daughter, Chelsea. The letter also told of plans for a large and expensive wedding presided over by Nobel peace prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Mr. Chepkurgor, the councilman in question, says he will reman celibate until receiving a response, for which he is still waiting. An anonymous security official said that Clinton most likely never received the letter, because his staff probably regarded it as a joke. Mr. Chepkurgor's offer is very generous by local standards. This might be viewed as a rather tragic case of cultural insensitivity if it wasn't so funny.

Posted by Kenny at July 31, 2005 2:40 PM
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Or his letter could still be stuck in government bureaucracy.

Posted by: Lauren at July 31, 2005 2:46 PM

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